Our services includes:

  • Research data analysis
  • Literature review
  • Hypothesis evaluation
  • Research report writing
  • English proofreading
  • Scientific editing of research manuscripts
  • Manuscript submission
  • Peer-review response and consultation
  • Methodology consultation

These services are handled via our online help desk platform and after signing the contract. To become aware of the prices, timing and our term or services contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

If you want to make contract with us follow the below steps:

step one: Submit a new ticket

Follow the address http://www.telehealth.ir/helpdesk , then open a new ticket and explain what kind of service you need to (e.g. you want a solution about how to conduct a study or which method is the best for evaluating a hypothesis) then we will reply to your ticket (You will receive an email as soon as your inquiry is replied). In this reply we will provide the time and price of the services. if these options suite, you can step to step two.

Step two: Agreement

If the conditions for the asked service was suited then, you might upload your material (e.g. data-sets in Excel or SPSS files, the draft proposal or manuscript). We evaluate your material and when appropriate we will notify you to pay the price of the service via Paypal or credit cards.

Step three: Activation of the ticket

As soon as the payment is done and informed, the ticket changes to active and the work will be forwarded to one of our expert members. As soon as it is ready (based on the type of the work), it will be uploaded to the help desk system.

Step four: evaluation period

As soon as you have received your inquiry (e.g. a written manuscript or analysed data) you have 7 days to review it and send feedback. Based on your feedback the work will be reevaluated and if appropriate it will be edited otherwise it will be explained.

 Step five: Asking for another service

You might want to continue to receive our service for another step, for example writing the manuscript of a analysed data or submission of a proofread manuscript to research journals. Then you should submit a new ticket and ask for this new service. and it will be followed as mentioned above.